Sneak Attack! is an actual play RPG podcast born in the summer of 2015. Since then, these five friends have been playing a home-brewed campaign, telling a story of adventure, wacky characters, terrifying enemies, and the tension of being an adventure party amidst conflicting interests. Listen to their episodes weekly as the group overcomes their trials all while providing hours of family-friendly fun.

Sneak Attack! Program Schedule


Sneak Attack! Meet & Greet                            7:30 PM         Children's Program Room



Character Creation                                           10:30 AM       Library Theatre

Watch Out for Goblins!                                     12 PM            Senior Center Sunroom

One-shot Campaign with Sneak Attack!        1 PM              Library Theatre

Making a Long-term Campaign                      6 PM              Adult Program Room

Podcasting for the Long Haul                         8 PM              Adult Program Room

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