DC vs Marvel, Indies vs Majors, and every color of spandex in between. Whether bit by a radioactive spider or suddenly orphaned comics and their heroes have been entertaining us since the beginning. Discuss the intricacies of one of your favorite mediums with enthusiasts and professionals alike. 

Comics in the 21st Century and Beyond

7/31 | 11:00 am CST

You can't go on the internet or yurn on the YV without being deluged with comic book properties left and right, whether super heroes, horror, fantasy, or crime story, the majority of the entertainment you have consumed for the past 10 years have come from comic books! But will it continue? Is there such a thing as comic burnout? Join Albert, STan, and Sandra from KingdomCasts podcast as they take a look into the future of comic books!

Stan Daniel


Comics: What You Need to Read

7/31 | 10:00 pm CST

Comics are more and more expensives, but there's some really great stuff out there as well! So how do you know what will and will not appeal to you? Join Stan, Albert, and Sandra from KingdomCasts Podcast as they share what they consider are "Must Reads" on the shelf now!

Stan Daniel, Albert Marsh, Sandra