With over 3,300 people in attendance, the 2018 SCIFI/FANTASY FEST was nothing short of a roaring success! For three days (July 27-30), the Hoover Public Library was the premier destination for around-the-clock gaming, demos, cosplay and a cornucopia of other forms of geekery.


Visitors were hard-pressed to choose between all of our panels on comics, television, movies, gaming, podcasting, Star Wars fandom, anime and more. Some of our guests included a formidable line-up of award-winning authors (Ruthana Emrys, Tobias Buckell, Catherina Asaro, Les Johnson, Lara Donnelly) who joined numerous local authors for discussions on writing and genre. There were also workshops on prop-building, leathercraft, chainmaille, costuming and even candy sushi.


Our custom Breakout Room was such a hit in 2017 that we added another! The new puzzle centered on a daring expedition into the perilous depths of a catacomb.


For a weekend, the Library Plaza became a virtual veritable bazaar for local artisans to display their various wares, from fan art to elaborate bracers.


There were prizes aplenty over the weekend as numerous participants took home tantalizing gift baskets packed with goodies that any self-respecting geek would covet. We even held our first silent auction which featured original work by our guest artist, Keef Cross.


As always, the Costume Contest was a high note that highlighted the ingenuity of contestants of all ages. And at no time did anyone go hungry or thirsty—East 59 served specials all weekend, and food trucks such as Eugene's Hot Chicken and Devil Dawgs came to provide a variety of grub.


But any recap won't do justice to the sheer exuberance of everyone involved in this library-wide event, a sentiment that continues to build with each successive year. See for yourself at our 5th annual SCIFI/FANTASY FEST on July 26-28, 2019!


scifi program cover art.PNG

Check out the program from Scifi/Fantasy Fest 2018!


Blue Harvest Podcast

Will and Hawes during their live episode recording of Blue Harvest: A Star Wars Podcast

John Anderson

John Anderson spotted at his table talking to some fans

Costume Contest

The finalists of our Costume Contest got a moment in the spotlight together


Everywhere you turned there were amazing costumes all weekend

Special Guests

Just some of our special guest authors in a panel discussion


East 59 Cafe was in the spirit of the festival with their own geek-inspired food


The Plaza was turned into an indoor market full of sweet merch


A Mercy cosplayer was spotted keeping con-goers on their feet

Live D&D

Our heroes embarked on another crazy adventure during the Live D&D event


Board games of all shapes and sizes could be found in the Open Gaming and Demo Room

Prop Building

Behold the organized chaos of the 2018 Prop Building Contest