SciFi/Fantasy Fest Cancelled

Over the past few months we've had some unexpected staffing changes and as a result we are announcing the cancellation of the 2022 SciFi/Fantasy Fest 🙁 . The Hoover Library will have some SciFi-adjacent programming, but not a large event like the SciFi/Fantasy Fest.


We want to thank all of the vendors, panelists, participants, and volunteers who helped make the SciFi/Fantasy Fest a staple for the community. If you signed up to be a vendor or a panelist, expect an email coming soon. Special thanks to Stan Daniel, Mark Adam Miller, Joe Crowe, and all of the Special Guest panelists that came in from all over to present to the community. Most importantly though, a very big heartfelt thank you to everyone that came out to support the SciFi/Fantasy Fest. Thank you to all of the cosplayers, pop culture trivia masters, collectible hunters, artists, geeks, nerds, and everyone in-between. We could not have asked for better patrons for our humble festival.


YOU made it great.